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Indonesian Gas Society

IGS is a non-profit organization

To support the development of the Indonesian Gas Industry, from upstream, midstream, to downstream, which includes commercial, technical, operational and HSSE aspects

The Indonesian Gas Society established in June 2014, IGS aims to support the development of Indonesia’s upstream to downstream gas industry through facilitating close and effectual collaboration among the public and private stakeholders for the development of sound policies and strategies to meet our national energy goals. Indonesia Gas demand has been increasing substantially on the last decade, while countries in the region continue are looking to secure their gas as part of energy supply.

Thus the challenge we are dealing with now is how to provide the availability of natural gas as well as to explore alternatives to fulfill such needs. Gas infrastructure is a key factor for downstream and upstream gas businesses to create multiplier effects for derivative industries and is the engine for economic growth and development. Indeed, infrastructure should provide efficient and low cost services, & it requires a comprehensive planning and prudent decisions.

Human resources capability, competencies and its networks, needs to be developed and strategized to match with the grand plans, including efforts in exploring energy alterna tives and ensuring effiency across the gas value chain. Indonesian Gas Society (IGS) is a non-profit organization will play its roles to support the development of the Gas industry in Indonesia, from upstream to downstream, which covers aspects of commercial, technical, operational, human capability and HSE, for the best of the society.

Organization Structure

1. Board of Council
2. Advisor & Founder
3. Chairman
4. Vice Chairman
5. Secretary General
6. Executive Secretary
7. Treasurer
8. Sub Committee
- LNG Committee
- Infrastructure Committee
- Market Committee
- Regulatory Committee
- Technology & HSE Committee

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